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Serving both St. Cloud & Baxter Areas.

Growing Quality Lives Together

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We will achieve quality lives through a combined effort of innovative programming and compassionate care for our clients, along with quality employment and partnership with the teams we work with.


We will uphold this mission by providing:

  • Innovative and compassionate programming strategies that allow for continual growth and independence based on unique challenges

  • Active community involvement and support

  • Quality training, accessibility to resources, and partnership within the work setting

  • Work-life balance by offering flexibility

  • The framework for quality communication through active, open dialogue and equal participation

  • Timely, quality resolutions to needs

J and J Holmes Residential Services

J and J Holmes was started in 2001 as a family-owned and operated foster care company. The company is still under family ownership, and many family and friends continue to work within the company. The company began with three residential foster care homes in 2001. Presently, J and J Holmes has expanded to 15 different foster care facilities.

Our History

Many of the individuals who initially lived in the first homes came directly out of State Institutions. Today, individuals come to our foster homes through a variety of means and different settings. Some of the individuals have not been successful in other placements and find that J and J Holmes offers the necessary support. The philosophy has always remained the same; helping people who may have challenges to overcome achieve more independence and enriching their lives. We do this through identifying their strengths and enhancing them, and by using person-centered practices and a team approach.

Our Mission

A person centered approach to child and adult foster care!

Sites in St. Cloud and Pillager Area

We currently have 15 residential sites within 3 counties: Benton, Stearns, and Cass. Our homes operate 24 hours a day and are staffed with 10 to 25 direct care staff members as well as an Assistant House Supervisor and House Supervisor at each location.

"J and J Holmes has been my employer for over 15 years.

I have supervised 6 out of the 15 sites. I appreciate all of the support that is given to me in every aspect of my career. I have worked with some of my coworkers and management for 5, 10, 12+ years. J and J Holmes is a great place to work!"


- Becky H.

Trainer Liason and

Human Resources Manager

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"J and J Holmes has truly been a Godsend to our family. Five years ago we were barely holding on by a thread due to our daughter’s behaviors. She is on the autism spectrum and her behaviors had gotten completely out of control. Our home was no longer a safe environment for our other children. The thought of her moving out was terrifying however, the thought of her staying home with us was worse. I have micro managed every aspect of her life so giving up some of that control was difficult to say the least. My child was 15 years old at the time she moved out, but developmentally she was more like age 5. She is severely developmentally delayed and a little girl who still needed her parents. We were very afraid of how our daughter would handle the move.


The move in day was February 20th, 2012 and a day we will never forget. The staff was so very kind to all of us. They were very sensitive to how difficult this was on the whole family. Now it was time for us to let the J and J Holmes professionals do their job.


We are coming up on five years later. It is difficult to put into words the amount of gratitude and love we have for this company and their staff. Our daughter is treated with dignity and respect. They play and laugh with her and join our child in her world. The staff shows a real appreciation for who she is and what she has to offer. Several staff have come and gone within the 5 years. Not one of them treated their employment as merely a job. They are true caregivers who give their heart and soul to their clients. The staff members have become part of our family and they are missed dearly when their life path takes them in a different direction.


We are so incredibly fortunate to have our child in a J and J Holmes group home. Her quality of life means everything to us. The first time she referred to her J and J house as "home" instead of with us was heartbreaking. I thought about that for a while and finally realized what a gift those words are. She is so blessed to feel at home in her new world separate from us. We can’t possibly ask for more than that."


- Suzanne and Brian Roelofs, Parents

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